Ensure Uninterrupted Power Backup with Best Priced UPS in Bangladesh

What is UPS

An UPS is an electrical device that provides emergency power backup by the help of batteries, supercapacitors or flywheels when the input power source fails. It stands for uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source that has relatively short run-time but enough to start a standby power source or shut down necessary equipment for saving from the damage. The world’s largest UPS belongs to Fairbanks in Alaska containing 46-megawatt Battery Electric Storage System that able to provide backup for entire city including rural part during outages.

Offline & Online UPS

An offline UPS provides surge protection and power backup while incoming voltage falls below or rises above certain level the SPS turns on its internal DC-AC inverter circuitry power from internal storage battery. It requires a switch-over time of 25 milliseconds. On the other hand, online UPS have its batteries connected to the inverter and it requires no time for switching. In case of power loss, the rectifier drops out of the circuit and the batteries keep the power. Online UPS also provide an “electrical firewall” between incoming power & sensitive electronic equipment.

Shop Online at Best Price

Sunshine IT offers the best price for the UPS to have the complete backup system for home & business all over Bangladesh. Enjoy EMI with online purchase facility at lowest price. You can order online to have the prompt delivery through courier at any place in the country. You can track your order through our hotline as a valuable service.

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